Atlas Private Education Services & Consultancy

Was established in London in 2009; for education consultancy and placement services not only for International students based in the UK but also for British and European students for their study abroad enquiries. Besides having an in-depth knowledge about education in the UK and representing all, very prestigious universities, Atlas Private Education Services Ltd. also represents top World ranking universities in Australia. Atlas Education also provides consultancy for top universities in Canada and America. The most distinguishing feature of Atlas that it offers a wide range of education options from different countries for language, university and master’s degree as well as PhD degree.

Why choose Atlas?

Atlas Private Education provides free consultancy service for entry paths to the top universities around the world. We offer all of the following services free of charge: visa application, personal statement, counselling and application for up to 5 schools. Keep in mind that our students are waived from UCAS application fees and receive one-to-one guidance for all of their applications.

*(There may be an application fee for schools where we do not have a contract)

Our Counselling Services:

Our consultants have over 15 years of experience in the educational consultancy sector, providing excellent counselling and support on an individual basis to students from around the globe. We are representative of some of the top universities in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Europe and Turkey.

Our Mission

To provide excellent consulting and up-to-date information to guide students from the UK, the EU and International looking to study abroad. To offer counselling and support to students through each stage of their application process (registration, application, visa, travel, accommodation) and to manage this process on their behalf.

Our Vision

To be able to provide the best educational counselling for any nationality to any country for study abroad purpose, with the same service quality in all offices free of charge

Our Values

To provide the most up-to-date, relevant and accurate information to our students. To work impartially, ethically and independently to provide the best educational counselling service.