Undergraduate programs take 3-4 years in most of the universities in Australia. Students might have 1-year foundation year (academic preparation) before they start their undergraduate programs depending their English level and academic background. School year period is different than North hemisphere countries, it starts in February and finishes in December in Australia. Most of the programs are accepting the students beginning of either 1st semester (February) or 2nd semester (July). Foundation programs can be considered as a preparation year for undergraduate programs. This year-long education gives students knowledge and skills about the Australian education system. Students need to choose the most suitable foundation program which has related introduction modules with their programme. In addition to English modules, students will have 4 to 6 lessons in these foundation programs and depending on their results they will allow to continue to study in their undergraduate programmes. For example, if the student who would like to study business programme, should choose the business foundation program or if they want to study engineering they should choose science or engineering foundation. High GPA is not an entry requirement for the foundation programmes, however students have to prove a certain level of English to entry.