Social Life

There are many international student groups running in Turkey which organise events and trips allowing you to meet people in similar situations to you and also to see different parts of the country. If you are in Istanbul there are plenty of places to go out and have a nice time especially in the European and Asian nightlife spots which are in Taksim and Kadiköy.


There are lots of affordable apartments especially for students throughout the city, you can also stay in hostels for the duration of your stay if you prefer a cheaper option or as temporary shelter. You can find accommodation through the international student organisations websites as they often cater to students who are staying temporarily although please note that these deals may be limited, and it is recommended that you visit the apartment before you commit to moving in.

Living Costs

Living costs in Turkey are much lower than most of the other European cities which is perfect for students to take advantage of. Some student flats come in a fixed package deal where all of the bills and rent are paid as a fixed sum every month regardless on usage which if you find the right deal can be a good way to minimise living costs.

Travel around many cities is also cheap with journeys across the city costing usually less than 1 euro depending on where you live, also if you are a student in a Turkish university you can ask your university’s international office to supply you with a student travel card which gives you discounted travel.