American language schools have a high level of quality in language teaching. Thousands of options are waiting for you to choose the city and the programme you want to attend in the US.

Why U.S?

USA is the most developed country in the World on education, technology, art, science. In addition to language training, you can develop your vision to the highest level in a multicultural environment with international people form around the world. You have the opportunity to learn English with American English, one of the most valid accents to speak Enlish. There is also a variety of educational opportunities for all bugets available in the USA.

Which city to choose?

In America, language schools are scattered across all the states and concentrated in coastal areas. City and region selection is one of the most important factors that will affect your education. You can choose New York if you want to study in a dynamic and large city; you may benefit from its highly developed transportation line. However, you should consider the high life costs and the lack of American population in the city. Chicago and Washington are among the more economical metropolises of the east coast. In a world-famous university city such as Boston, you can experience America's highly traditional education style. You can spend a useful time period of study in small towns and cities such as Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Irvine. The city of California, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego are also very popular in the state of California, favored by international students. In this climate, which is always in a summer mood, will introduce you a different culture. Visit our school guide page for American language schools that you can choose by city.

What are the Program Options?

If you want to learn English for any purpose, you can find a suitable program in America. English can be learned for social and academic purposes or working life.

Some of the program options offered within the language schools are;

  • For social purposes; General English
  • For your academic goals; Academic English
  • In order to use in business life; Business English
  • To help you prepare for the exams; IELTS / TOEFL preparation courses
  • Used more for executive positions in your business life;
  • Manager and businessman programs
  • For those who want to stay for a long time and are looking for economic choices; 6-9 Monthly Economic Package Programs
  • For those who are supportive or want to learn one to one; Private Lessons

Students can attend 15 or 20 classrooms per week, or 25/30 class intensive programs. Lessons are taught in international classes of 10-15 people. Many schools accept students starting each Monday. Rarely, there are some schools where new admissions start monthly. Students can be educated for any period of time and start their education whenever they want. General English programs are accepted from the beginning level. Students take the first day level test and begin their education in a suitable classroom. There are also economic package and academic semester / year programs for students who want to study for 6 or 9 months. The starting dates of these programs may be less frequent, and the tuition fees are 20-30% lower than the standard programs.

Where will I stay?

Where you stay is the most important part of your study abroad experience. Accommodation is usually set by your destination school in accordance with your preferences. Accommodation options include homestay, dormitory or student housing. You can decide on the type of your accommodation that suits you and your budget with Atlas consultants.

Homestay: Generally, you can stay in a single room with American families with morning and evening meal provided. This type of accommodation also tends to be located far from the city centre, you will need to use transportation in your cities.
Dormitory: This accommodation type is available for single or multi-person accommodation. Generally, food is not provided, the student can prepare meals in the common kitchen. The location is usually in the city centre.
Student Houses: This type of accommodation is where students from the same school or different schools stay together. They can stay in one of the rooms for single people or two people and cook their meals in the kitchen. Usually in the city centre or for a short time can be used.

How do I choose a good school?

ATLAS Educational consultants follow the up-to-date criteria and achievements of the schools through accreditation frameworks and pay regular visits every year. In addition, we listen to the satisfaction of our students and provide you with the most current and realistic information.
In the United States, language education is predominantly taught by private language schools. However, there are also language training programs offered by a narrow range of universities or state colleges.
The indicator of the quality of the language schools in the US for membership in institutions are ACCET, AAIEP, ALTO. Schools that are members of this and similar institutions are supervised on whether they have a set of quality standards on subjects such as teacher, curriculum, physical environment, and student services. Although these approvals and memberships guarantee a certain standard, there are serious quality and cost differences between these schools.

Price performance comparison of the school we are going to:

  • Location
  • Reports of outgoing students

In accordance with the above criteria, you can contact the ATLAS advisory school.