The students who are going to study in the USA have to register with the school and needs to have the original documents of acceptance from the schools in the USA. If the duration of the program they want to go is less than 12 weeks, then they can apply for a Tourist Visa.
However, it should be remembered that the education institutions that teach students under tourist visas, such as part-time training are not many.
The duration of general student status visa can vary between 1 or 5 years. Very rarely, shorter visas can also be issued by the consulate.
Unlike some other countries, the US consulate requests a face-to-face interview with the visa applicant. After this interview with your visa officer your visa will either approved or your application will be rejected.

There are 2 important points that should not be forgotten about student visas;

  • Those who receive a student visa may continue to stay within the United States by continuing their education. Due to incorrect or incomplete information, students' visas are cancelled annually at an average of 2-3% and they can find themselves illegally located within the US borders. For these correct advice on these procedures you can get information from Atlas educational services.
  • Continuing education while you are in the US is the primary criteria under this visa. If you wish to complete your course in one school and refer to another higher education institute, you must get a permission to leave by the former. If your attendance percentage is below 80%, you will not be able to get this permission and be accepted to your new school. This will lead to the problems that we have mentioned in the term above, and even if you are in the USA and the duration of your visa in your passport, this visa will be considered invalid.
  • Due to the excessive intensity in the summer periods, the dates of the visa interview are given very late. For this reason, all visa applicants are advised to apply for a visa at least one month before their arrival. With 27 years of experience, Atlas Education provides visa advice to visa applicants. For detailed information, you can fill in the request form or visit the ATLAS office nearest you.