Why study in France?

You have the option to combine the experience of living in one of the most culturally affluent cities with your foreign language learning experience. With its soft weather, romantic streets and Mediterranean coasts, studying in France offers our students exceptional cultural activities and a valuable time.

French Universities

There are over 3,500 institutions for higher education in France and 12 percent of students in the universities are comprised of international students. France has among the top ranked universities in the word, offering exceptional education.

Admission requirements differ among different courses, for instance some science and medicine courses require the completion of specific scientific baccalaureate for entry.

‘Grande Ecole’ (Grandes Écoles) - Are the higher education institutions within the French Public University System.

Tuition Fees- There are public and private French Universities which differ in fees. Public University (Grande Ecole) education in France is free, private university fees can be between 3,000 to 10,000 Euro per year.

Language- You have the option to study in French or English. However some courses are sometimes offered in either English or French.

Entry Requirements- To enter into a undergraduate programme, you are required to complete an French baccalaureate or equivalent. International students are required to take IELTS/TOEFL exams.

Why study French?

Starting with France, Canada, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco and various African countries speak the French language. Around 200 million people speak French either as their native tongue or as their second language. Speaking French will increase your credentials both socially and at work.

Especially for those interested in starting a career in International Relations or International Commerce will be at a great advantage for speaking French.

Social life, Climate and Culture

Even in the coldest days of the year, the French weather never sees below 0°C with high precipitation closer to the central areas of the country.

Since 1600’s, French culture and especially French literature has been leading European culture. It is possible to find the effects of the culture brought by French literature in the streets and cafes, and find French cuisine rich in cheese, meat and dairy.

Popular Cities For Students

The most popular destination in France for students is Paris, which is among the most mesmerising cities in the world. There are various high quality language schools prevalent in Paris and experience here offers students chance to visit the Eiffel Tower and sip their coffees in Champs-Elysees after course hours.

Aside from Paris, other popular destinations include Nice in the French coast, the industrial and informatics center Lyon, and famous for its harbour and the trade centre Bordeaux.

Popular Language Schools in France

Students wanting to learn French can choose global schools such as Eurocentres and LSI or French schools such as France Language, Ecole de Roches, Opera House France Language and Victor Hugo France Language. They are among the more quality education.

Living Expenses

Monthly expenses for living and accomodation range between € 400-600. Monthly food expense is usually around € 150-200 while travel cost is around € 50-150. Yearly student insurance is € 180.