Spanish is one of the most commonly used and important language of today. Spanish speaking countries are widespread globally, 21 countries including 2 states in the USA, speak Spanish as their official language.
Spain is a beautiful country with serene and beautiful lands. There are top quality universities and language schools, offering international students a well-rounded education. While most classes in Spain are in Spanish, it is also possible to find courses available in English.

How can I improve my Spanish?

For a student who does not have prior knowledge of Spanish, in order to obtain the necessary middle range B2 qualification, on average the predicted learning time is 28 weeks. It is suggested that to further increase your level, 8 weeks of education is needed for each level (C1-C2).

*The language levels for beginners are: A1 (Novice), A2 (Intermediate), B1 (Advanced), B2 (Advanced)

Spanish Universities

There are multitude of course and programme options available in Spain. Among the popular courses in Spanish Universities include Law, particularly in Madrid. Popular courses for international students under Law include The Legal System of the European Union or International Criminal Law.
Social Sciences and Humanities, Marketing and Finance and other Science Degrees are also popular options for international students in Spain.

Tuition Fees

Compared to other European countries, university and education costs in Spain are relatively cheaper. Average cost for bachelor's degree in a public university can range between 680 to 1,280 Euros per annum. Private university bachelor’s degree fees vary between 5,500 to 18,000 per annum.

Why Study in Spain?

With a diverse community and intriguing lifestyle and culture, Spain is an attractive destination for many from around the globe. Whether it is to learn Spanish, to experience a new culture or to obtain any given educational qualification, there is a place in Spain for everyone. There are highly regarded museums, educational centres, galeries and football games and a vibrant social life to experience in Spain.

Social Life, Climate and Culture

With a diverse cosmopolitan social life, everyone from any given background can find something about Spain that speaks to them. There are various festivals that take place on different occasions and seasons. Spain’s known for its monumental architecture, its gothic cathedrals and castles, inspired from various eras that have been combined into a cosmopolitan vibrant culture.

Top locations

The most popular cities are: Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, Sevilla

Commonly chosen Language Schools Enforex, Bablyone Idiomas, Eurocentres, Sprachcaffe, Don Quijote, Malaca Instituto

Accomodation Options

Accomodation options in Spain are split into three; host families, student accomodations or student houses.
Language schools often provide host family accommodation where students reside with a local family, which is beneficial to improve their language skills and learn the local culture.
Student houses are often arranged between students, with shared or separate rooms and a shared kitchen and living space.
Student accommodation is not necessarily provided by all educational institutions. When they are available, there are options for either en-suite single rooms or double rooms. It is important to consider the distance between the school and the accomodation when looking at options.