Canada is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of both living standards and quality of education. Therefore, there are some points that should be considered when making a visa application for students, as in every visa procedure. If the students who want to study in Canada, provide all requirements, the visa result will be in favour of the students.

During the visa process, there should be reasons that connect the student to his/her country such as to be a student or working and they will go Canada for educational purposes and will go back their countries. If these factors meet with the requirements and the sponsor has enough money to cover all expenses, the visa will be obtained. In addition, personal statement is a really important for the Canadian visa as well.

After the visa file is prepared and checked by our consultants, they are sent to the Canadian Consulate in Ankara. The average visa period changes between 2 and 8 weeks. Visa results go directly to the student's address. Once they receive their visa results, student's flight ticket and accommodation will be confirmed as well. The orientation is given to the students in our branches before going to Canada.